For those Trip hop/Hip hop/Electronica Fans

I ran across this group from Germany called TOBACCO. They’ve got some interesting music, and I recently ran across the song ‘Hairy Candy’. It’s trippy and pretty groovin’ (sorry for the funk lingo :o)



I thought that I was the only one that used I’ll be sure to check those guys out. If you like downtempo/trip hop type stuff, you may like these guys:

Also, check out this song:

Both had some cool ideas, but niether of the two bands really caught my ear. I’m very picky about my strings though (more in reference to the E.S. Posthumus). There were some good ideas, but the strings seemed highly uninspired. That’s probably my fault though, I listen to too much abstract 20th century music. Now I’ll make like John Cage and shut up. :o


Lol, really? What other groups/artists would you recommend?

hey, i liked both tracks… can we share more good ones?

here is some of my favorites:
Positively Dark - Awakening
Jesper Kyd - Vegas
Delerium - Serenity

What other groups/artists would you recommend?

Well, since you asked, there are a couple’ve electronica groups that I do listen to–although, I can’t guaruntee that you’ll like them because we obviously come from different perspectives.

Stereolab (Dots and Loops preferrably)
Bjork (Debut or Medulla)
DJ Shadow (The Private Press)
Battles (Mirrored)
Midlake (Bahman and Silvercork) --actually, you might like the song Young Bride.

Most of them aren’t considered techno bands, but the general majority of their work is highly influenced by it.

dyf, I’m checking out your songs right now. :wink: I can’t take too long, I gotta go mail some letters out. :frowning:
–actually, I kinda liked em’. Vegas was a pretty interesting song.



sorry to threadjack, but the private press??? wtf??

you must have listened to endtroducing first, surely?

sorry to threadjack, but the private press??? wtf??

Hey, I thought they would like it better. At least based on what was shown in the thread raises hands to indicate no offense :stuck_out_tongue: lol.


Endtroducing was incredible. .:spin: Just bought it last month and I’ve been rocking it ever since. Favorite song was probably “The Number Song”.

Endtroducing was incredible. . Just bought it last month and I’ve been rocking it ever since. Favorite song was probably “The Number Song”.

Okay, okay, I was absolutely wrong. You happy? :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, have you guys listened to UNKLE? Most of their singles are off of ‘War Stories’ but I like the sound of ‘Psyence Fiction’ better. Maybe because Thom Yorke is on it. :smiley:


Lol I’m sorry but you’ve got to listen to that album, bro. I haven’t listened to UNKLE, but I’ve heard great things about them. I didn’t know they were trip hop/electronica genre. For some reason I always thought they were rock .

It depends on what album it is, and more specifically, what song. Psyence Fiction tends to lean more electronica because DJ Shadow was the main instrumentalist. War Stories is almost certainly rock with a more 70s edge to it–mainly due to the single ‘Burn my shadow’. I watched the music video on youtube and cried myself to sleep last night. :frowning: I don’t want to touch that song ever again.

Yep, the only album allowed in our house is psyence fiction, i remember rushing to the shops mind, in order to buy it. Bloodstain and the incredible Rabbit in the Headlights are the stand out tracks on that album. look out for the Jacob’s Ladder (film) quote mid-album.

Going on towards the hip hop end of things, you’ve got to check out Handsome Boy Modelling School…which will lead you to Madlib, Dr Octagon, Kool Keith, and Roisin Murphy…


Favorite Hip Hop artists (A Select Few):

Mos Def
Talib Kweli
Lupe Fiasco

Another electronica/trip hop group/song that I like:

Favorite song from them:

most def. Mos Def. lol I have mixed feelings about his new album though. At least it’s not like Chinese Democracy xD.


Lol you mean “The Ecstatic”? It was pretty good. It certainly wasn’t The New Danger, but it was still good nonetheless. I think that he was best in Blackstar and The New Danger. What about Lupe? I think that in terms of mainstream and even underground artists, his lyricism is unmatched.

agreed, loved “kick/push” but he has no flow. Talking of which…anyone for El-p/Mr Lif? just heard the new El-p album and it’s right good, as they say in Sheffield. Dense, dark, highbrow verses and crazy production. Makes Cage look like a puppy dog.

Did you like “The Cool”? I liked it better than Food & Liquor. BTW does anyone know of any trip hop that’s heavy in strings/orchestral/film score-like sounds? I’ve always liked hip/trip hop that has a lot of strings. Here are a few examples: (Though it’s not “hip hop” per se, it’s got a hip hop[ish] beat while still maintaining an overall orchestral sound) (This one also has very nice strings)

That’s about all I’ve got right now, lol. Let me know if you guys have anything.

BTW does anyone know of any trip hop that’s heavy in strings/orchestral/film score-like sounds? I’ve always liked hip/trip hop that has a lot of strings.

I had a friend in England who was heavy into Trip-Hop. He had loads of Vynl, and was even a DJ back in the day.

anyone for El-p/Mr Lif?

El-p is the name of the album? Anyways, I’ve always thought Dangermouse was pretty cool, but something about the albums he produces always seems… ‘stale’. As in, most of his produced albums are just kinda boring. You know what I mean? Check Beck’s Modern Guilt to see what I mean.

Anyways, back to vfxjunkie-
You want more of a ‘film score’ like sound. That’s very general. Is there a specific type of orchestration that you like. Do you just want something ‘Epic’ sounding? I think I could probably find something. :wink:

On the topic of movie soundtracks, I watched ‘Knowing’ last night, and while the movie itself was kinda shallow (really shallow). But the soundtrack was incredible.


You’re right, Know1ng certainly wasn’t what I thought it would be. But for what it’s worth, I thought it was decent even though the explosion from that airplane crash scene looked so cheesy. And the ending? Wtf? Lol. But about the orchestral/film score type trip hop music stuff, I just mean something that uses a lot of strings.


Listen from about 3:50-4:50

All I was asking was whether or not you knew of any groups that used a lot of strings or sounded similar to that song.

Here’s another example. Listen to the beginning of this one:

Just something with a similar sound. I mean sure, it’s not really “film score” per se (that title goes to E.S. Posthumus), but it’s just relaxing because of the strings. Orchestral downtempo maybe? I don’t know how to classify this stuff, lol.