For those who are.... reluctant!!!!!

(Timonides) #1


This is my first attempt to make a human body model… It took me long cause I thought it was kind’a difficult…

Well, today I got my stubborn attitude back and decided to give it a try…

This is what I’ve managed so far…

I must tell you that this thing was made within 10 minutes of work!!! And it wasn’t that difficult as I first thought it would be… No, reference pics, no super dooper secret modelling technics, no nothing… Just started from a cube and extruded, sized, moved, rotated, my way up… :wink: Ohh, and a “small” dose of subsurfs…

So, in case you don’t start, cause you think it’s too difficult, stop the crap and get your @sses working… :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep visiting cause this is going to be updated as I continue to add “detail”… :wink:


(blenderage) #2

Yeah, I use that technique for practically anything once you get the hang of building things face by face although it seems tedious is actually a very speedy way of modelling.

(ec2) #3

Here is Non-Blender example of box modeling. This is not my work, but a animated .gif from (may be down). As said above it can be done.

(dreamsgate) #4

hehe, not scared, human body was the first major thing I tried to model (not a good first project, but i got it done.)

Seems like my personal style leans more toward round bottomed cartoon characters.