For those who like SC2

My brother got it and to a surprise the game has 2 very funny eater eggs.
Well not really easter eggs but mh just funny …

Mr Terminator is in the game controlling the biggest land vehicle.

And the TV station shows few times an iPistol commercial in the style
of the ipod commercial.

Made me laugh a lot.

BTW for cut seen animation nerds, the game has very terrific shots, great in graphics.

I tried the game.
Personally, i didn’t find it that amazing.
But that’s just my taste.

I like Age of Empires 3 more, but i wish that game was as balanced as SC2.

for this type of game that is extensivly used in tournaments and balance is the key thing. With SC2 multi-player is where it is at. Though if the have any Warcraft 3/ Frozen throne storyline twist than solo play would rock, never has playing a bad guy been more fun than when playing with Arthas.

I haven’t played it but apparently the storyline ends rather abruptly in this one so I guess everyone only finds out what happens when the second and third parts come out.

SC 2 is awesome.
+1 for some great cut scenes.


here is a video with Arni’s voices:

and here the iPistol spoof

If the game was 40 bucks, I’d probably pick it up, but I’ll only pay 60 for a game if I know with certainty that I’ll get a lot of great time out of it. I’ll just wait and get it when it’s bundled with it’s two expansion packs for 20 bucks.

Agreed with padfoot. I’m also a bit busy with a few other stuff to be messing around with games. I’ve seen SC advertised at a few internet cafes, so it must be quite good as this game has been out there for a while.


mh the game play is like SC 1. Nothing new or different just now it is in 3D.
The story line has some interesting semi RPG elements to it.

But if you are not a die hard I need SC2 I am not sure of the money spend
is well spend.

You have few more units in contrast to before which is nice.