For West Michigan - Active site tomorrow on TV

Hi all,

as part of Activesite we will be interviewed for our
exhebition tomorrow. The part I am doing is an abstract
floor plan of the event which started out as a map idea
and ends up into on artwork of the show itself.

The channel will be Fox 17 local to Grand Rapids.
Emely Richard will be the interviewer.

The feed will be live transmitted at the local 6 PM news.


One of these days we’ll have to get the Detroit area Blender guys in a van and drive out to GR.

2 hours is indeed a ling trip - in particular like for my person - when you do not have a car :wink:

I know that you mentioned that before…that’s why I suggested that we come out your way.

I used to work in GR years ago. I was working on destroying cow manure using a biological reactor filled with cultured bacteria. Interesting…but stinky.

I live almost 2 hours north of GR and I can not get that channel. I drive to GR 3 times a week for classes but I won’t be down there to catch the news broadcast. Hope it all goes well.

btw, are you still working at Kendall?

OMG I overslept the interview - darn it.

The show was a success. We ended up just making a simply camera animation and let it run in realtime in stead of rendering it. We ran slightly out of time.

But the building owners and other people (architects / construction workers) were very impressed with Blender as a tool for such a project. Well sketchup is properly faster for working in particular with boolean cuts and including doors. But Blenders new custom orientation widget is the hit.

we will have the video and documentation soon online on the activesite website.

for the next exhibition - location unknown - we will do the same again, this was an old house and it took a lot of work to even make a simple 3d model. I hope the next location will be more simple.