For You (animation)

I finished an animation called “For You” this monday and put it on where it sould be viewable for them who want to :wink: . The animation was the first serious project I’we done on my new killer monster linux computer and it took me about 5 weeks to complete (with a pause for 2,5 weeks that I spent at my mothers house over x-mas an newyears).
Everything in the animation was created on open-source software as this also was a kind of test for me to se if I could acheve it. And I am satisfied (at least almost) with the quality of the movie got eaven tough the production time was so short and there are a few problems with it, due to various “quick solutions”.
Chek it out!

(warning: the film has a mature content so if you feel you might have problems with this, then don’t watch it :wink: )

I would watch it, but it’s too big for me, maybe a 10-20 meg file, but 117mb… no thanks

High speed Cable modem here…Downloading now…

I know the file size is very large, but site ony accepts files in mpeg format and I had a hard time keeping the file size down and the movie viewable. If I compressed it much more there came to many artefacts, and if I changed the size of the resolution the text would have been hard to read (the text part is an important part of the animation). Sorry you couln’t download it :frowning:

First I thought it was pedophile related. The woman with no hair looked like a little boy. Then I saw huge nipples. Yes!

It’s artistic but familiar. You could make it alot shorter anyways.