For you Renderman lovers

(Ahmaud_R_Te) #1

Here is a great app that has finally been made available to the public. I had the pleasure and privilege of being a beta tester and this thing is pretty cool. Check it out here

(Green) #2


I have been thinking of ways to implement such a thing into blenderman for the past few months.
Im close to finishing the plans for it

(Green) #3

I cannot seem to find a download link…

(Ahmaud_R_Te) #4

Let me see if i can find it. If not I can send it to you Green if you like.

(Green) #5

sure. that would be great

(LethalSideP) #6

Yeah, could someone please post the URL? This sounds like a fantastiuc tool, I’d love to get the chance to try to hook it up with Blenderman/Blender, but I have no idea where it is.

Please? :slight_smile:


(Green) #7

/me is still waiting :stuck_out_tongue: