Force a new render?

I made this short animation, which worked fine. Then, when I made some changes to it and wanted to check and see how those changes looked, every time I hit F12 to do a render, instead of re-rendering the frame, it seems to be calling up the previously rendered frame. I even went in and deleted all the previously rendered frames and it is still happening. How do I get it to start fresh and render things with the changes?

F12 renders the Current frame, where ever you are in the timeline. Are you rendering your animation as a quicktime or avi, or as seperate images? I usually render to quicktime for preview, then seperate images when I’m ready for the finished total animation. Set up a name for each in the output directory button under the F10 window - the one that says /tmp can be changed to say /tmp\ or the like, then you can change the output again so you won’t be mixing output.

Hope that helps more than confuses, let me know if you need more than that.

I was simply trying to render a single frame, not to any specific video codec. I even moved the blend file to a completely different computer and got the same result. It’s like the render buffer is stuck somehow. And yes, I changed directories to try to get it to output to a different place. I changed the x and y tile settings to try to get it to render differently. The render just appears…boom…no time taken at all, and it is always the same. Could my blend file be corrupt?

And what happens when you press Alt-A in the 3d view? Does it play the animation you have made changes to, or is it disregarding the changes? I have had problems with animations that were faulted because of ipo keyframes that were not cleared out… but if this is not the case, maybe save as a different file name and try again, without the ui that was saved with the file.
Possible, try loading it to a different version of Blender if you have one, to see if it is indeed a problem with the file.
And you cleared out the tmp folder, so that would not be affecting it.

The animation plays fine with alt-a. The changes weren’t made to the animation itself, but an object was added to the scene. Basically I have some 3D text that sort of “flys” across the screen. I added a large plane with a starfield texture on it for a background. Oh well…perhaps I just need to start from scratch, it’s not that complex of a scene.

Above is a link to the zipped blend file…however it is kinda big…7-8 meg.