Force feedback plastic exoskeleton arm

if you could pay 1000$ for a 3d printed plastic and carbon fiber plastic exoskeleton arms and gloves, that allowed you to touch 3d models that only
existed in VR, would you do it?

imagine working a sculpt by hand just like it was made of clay?

being able to interact with 3d physics simulations,

bieng able to get 100% accurate mocap data,

basically turning a 3d mouse scheme I have had for a long time into reality.

I have been working designs, and thinking about printing soon,
but I lack the proper hardware skills and software skills to make it a reality.

I dream we will have the ability
to feel what is not there.

basically where I have ended up design wise, is high tensil fishing string inside tubes, that wrap around pullies attached to high precision servo motors in a back pack, for measuring values as well as resisting and force feedback.

stronger materials= stronger force feedback potential.