force field individual inclusion or exclusion

Coming from c4d i’m used to exclude or include certain simulation objects (like particles) from a force field. Is this possible in blender without using layers?

Lets say I want forcefield 1 (vortex) to influenct all particles, but not the smokedomain A. Also I want forcefield 2 (also a vortex) to influence all the particles and all the smoke domains.
Not much to do on forcefield 2 of course, but how do I manage forcefield 1? I could turn off smokefieldweights>vortex for smokedomain A, but then forcefield 2 would also have no effect on A.

How would I achieve my goal in this situation?

Is the only option to move forcefield 2 from layer one to layer two and have the smokedomain A in both the first and second layer (assuming everything else is in layer one)?

Force fields do not affect particle systems on other layers
In the Particle / Field Weights panel for the particle system you can set the influence of the type of force or if the force field has been added to a group, you can set a only a particular group to affect that particle system.

Manage layers and fields weights to give different effects

ah, i forgot the groups. so either that or layers. thanks.