Force IPO

In the releaelogs of blender there is a file in which softbodies and forces are demonstrated of blender 3.7a (
(file name is wind_soft)
i am trying to do the same, what theyve done is add a force to an empty, you can then use it on anything its pointed to, but to get the breezy result the strenght must change throughout the animation.

How do you set keyframes for the strenght of the wind, and how do you view the IPO of it to change it ??

you can’t insert keyframes. Work directly in the IPO Curve Editor. Select your objet, select the Object IPO type (should be the default). In the column on the right, all the parameters available for animation are listed. The fifth from the bottom of the list is called FStreng. This is the one you seek.

If you need help on how to call the IPO Curve Editor and/or edit the IPO curves, please consult the documentations basics:


i thought so, but there is no fstrength, i found SizeY 5th from bottom :frowning:

oooh, thnks. Ive just thought about lowering everything to see it (loow screen resolution)