force lightining

I got to figure out how to do force lightning

I figured out how to round lightsaber corners

Do you have a tut?

I wish I could do force lightning, too. I know a couple people I’d use it on.

I know how to rotoscope!

Anything like roto-rooter? I think I sat on one of those once.

No like putting an object over a video. Like this one I made.

Hey Dudebot how did you manage force pull on that vid?

He did the vid backwards then cut when he wanted it to go forward, notice the “blip” effect?

How do you play the vid backwards?

With a video editor, some can make clips run backwards.

hello still here

What exactly is force lighting?

billymuncher2 you need to put these threads into the Support Forum this is not for your q&A it is for discussions and news about blender and related stuff!

Uh, Musk is right.

I dont know what you tried already but i’d suggest if your serious about doing force lightning and stuff with lightsabers you consult “The Green One”.