Forced landing...X234 [WIP-uriel]

Hi, i’ve started yesterday a model of spaceship, here is the progress from yesterday night…yes, when i’m starting, i cannot stop :cool:

Phase 1:

The general shape is here but a lot of things have to be done to correct it!

Phase 2:

Some preview renders, and a start of the vertical engine !

Phase 3:

update: some advance on the front and rear sides…it’s coming up !

this is now a real work in progress :eyebrowlift2:

comments are welcome

amazing work i love the style of the jet it reminds me of an osprey.

Thanks, here is new update:

i’m thinking of doing a 360° camera-rotation animation, just simple but efficient for that kind of object…no ?
at this time, i have 20k vertex…but more details will come…not too much, i’m working on a laptop…i cannot go more than 150 000 vertex (Core2duo,2Gb ram).

the drawing at the back is from Ilion, it was inspiring me a lot ! maybe i sould do the inside cockpit ?

Love it!!!
Looks like you have a flaw in your design though:
It looks like the jet’s back end would just skyrocket up using those huge engines lol :slight_smile: destrying the whole plane in seconds :frowning:

But yeah disregarding that, cool looking model!

Oh add some bevel, your edges are looking sharp :wink:

yes DDD, you’re right ! i’m thinking about retopo the whole object in separated parts, so i can see a difference.

on the master vertical engine, i will just move it a bit on front !
thanks anyway…keep going

here is a screenshot of my screen setup…

Wow this is really well done! Love the design.

I can’t wait to see it textured.

Keep up the good work!

Great work so far- but I agree with DDD; the edges are way too sharp! This will look awesome once textured :smiley:

NIce work. :slight_smile:

This is pretty sweet! the engines are awesome, for some reason reminds me of insects (maybe because they look kinda like flowers). Are the engines able to tilt forward/backwards? that would help with maneuverability. Putting some mechanism that shows they have a little tilt would make it look less likely to blast clean off into space with the slightest adjustment XD Otherwise I really like this design.

Hmm, i think it is betternow that these huge thigs are closer to the body, rather on the tail, but it still seems to me that this would make the plane blow up on take off.

Maybe either add some counter thrusters towards the front of the plane, or remove the big ones, or scale them down a whole lot.
I like the supports for them however, if you remove the big engines, they can act as wings if you reshape them a bit…

here is a preview of the cockpit interior design… UV textures are coming !

It’s clear now…it’s a supercopter ! :slight_smile:

thanks for all your answer…Wip adventure !

Like the design alot. BTW your going to need a tail rotor or you will have some very dizzy pilots