Forced normals and hard edges?

Itry to learn blender in a perspective of making meshes that i canexport to game engines. Making nice looiking highpoly’s seems to go okey for me, but I have a hard time with controling my normals when doing my lowpoly mesh.

So… here i got a low poly model withsome bevels on it. What i want to do (becouse of the bevel) is toforce the normals marked red to be flat. I’ve successfully done sousing the blend4web plugin. I also want to keep a sharp edge aroundthe faces on the inside (marked green), now there’s where things gettricky for me. I have been searching around and the only way I foundthat works is to split the edges. Now I really dont wanna do thatsince this is a problem that apears quite often and I want to keep mylowpolys as intact as I can.

I made an example in maya just to showyou what I want. (This mesh is using the exact same topology and isall intact).

You can use Autosmooth and smooth/sharp shading


Remove this replay pls…

Remove this replay pls…

Remove this replay pls…

Yes just make the object smooth andthen make the necessary edges hard, kinda works. But this kind ofsmoothing will give undesireble gradients in the normal map whenbaking from a highpoly. (Small gradients, but they will be vsiblewhen compressing the texture and the game engine uses lower mip maplevels etc).That’s why I used the blend4web plugin so that the flatsurfaces actually has 100% flat normals.

So what I really need is a techniquethat allows me to force the normals and still be able to pick outwhat I want to be hard edge.