Forcefield failing to affect particles

I have an object in my scene (a traffic cone). I’ve added a particle system and various texture effects (mostly following tutorials - nothing over the top).

Then I’ve added a turbulance forcefield to the traffic cone. At frame 85 I’ve keyframed the field strength to 0. I have also added an explode modifier to the cone. And 5 frames later I’ve keyframed the strength to 2.1. The desired effect is for the mesh to kind of break up into tiny pieces. I’ve been successful in doing this before so I’m confused as to what I’ve done wrong.

When I render a frame or preview with Alt+A the particles don’t ever move. The strength of the field is being changed successfully put the particles aren’t budging.

The particle stuff is done on “Cone.003” at frame 85 onwards. My file is located here (to large to attach):

I’m sure I’m just missing something simple - if anyone could point out what it is I’d be really really grateful!

I get an file not found error, but the first thing that comes to mind is, that the effector and the particles or for that matter the emiter aren´t on the same layer.

I figured it out eventually. Rather than adding a force field through the physics tab, I did it though the Shift+A Menu and it worked. Not sure why but I’m happy