(d52477001) #1

here i was trying out with a force field. A laser bullet hits the field and then the energy is spread out. It is still quite a big WIP so tell me what you think and what i should do to improve it.


(S68) #2

Nice start…

Don’t know about suggestion, it’s a higly personall amtter… after all who’s ever seen a force field?

Basic force field is maybe too sharp, IMHO, I would make the texture more smooth and subtle.

It is also very colorless… some shimmering colors?

The energy effect is good, but here colors should be a must!!!

Keep it up


(wewa_juicyb) #3

Nice laser+sound effects. A tip. Renders usually look better if there is more colour in them. Give your forcefield an electric look or something. Also the Forcefield doesn’t seem to have any dimention. it’s flat. I don’t know how you can fix that… Another thing …forgot what it was… Oh yeah. Glow! A forcefield is usually something that involves a lot of energy. Good start, but far from finished =]


(BgDM) #4

Nice job.

For wewa’s suggestion about the field not having any depth, maybe make it rotate so it looks more 3D. I would also crank up the emit value on the material to make it look more energetic.

Only other crit would be to make the field appear when the lase hits it and then gradually fade out after the enrgy burst is absorbed.

Excellent work!