Forces and stuff

I’m new to the Blender gameengine, and I wanted to make a simple game of my own. But, I had to test the physics first.

I have a box, falling down and hitting a plane. Ok, it works.

Now, I want the box to go flying into something else, knocking it over, when I hit the Spacebar. I wired the keyboard sensor to a Motion actuator, but I can’t figure out how to propel it. dLoc won’t work for me because it’s just shifting something a certain distance. I need some real force to send it flying. Changing the Force field in the Motion actuator doesn’t work. So how do I do it?

Additionally, I tried wiring the arrows to make the box move (worked). But, after the box has settled and then I move it off the plane, it just floats, as if the physics engine decided to quit.

The bullet physics engine in 2.40 has some problems with force. But for what you’re describing (sudden launch), you may want to use LinV (set velocity) instead.