Forcing a wireframe color?

In this screenshot, the gridlines in the center are an object set to WIREFRAME and with a baby-blue color. What I’d like is for this object’s wireframe to reflect the color chosen in Viewport display. Is this possible?

If you change Viewport Shading to Object, it will work when you switch to Wireframe view. However, this affects all objects in your scene. I don’t think it’s possible to display some objects as solid and some as wireframe with a custom colour.

LOL, got it on my ninth try even w/your hints, thanks. :+1:t3:

Yeah, that’s not quite as useful as desired. I’ve submitted a proposal at RCS. tl;dr: It’d be very nice for users to specify what color their wireframes would be, just as it’s nice to specify what color solid Objects are.

If you set that (wireframe) to object, it then uses the Object Properties > Viewport Display > Color for the wireframe. That is, the color you have set to CYAN in the OP.

That’s only in wireframe shading. He’s not in wireframe shading. Blender’s the king of inconsistencies.

Yep, didn’t realize that he was looking for that. Thanks.