Forcing Blender To Use a Default/Specific startup.blend

I am trying to test one of the latest BMesh builds but my user preferences in my profile, specifically the ones related to the knife tool, are causing problems. Because the knife tool operator and keyboard commands in the trunk build are completely different from those of the the BMesh build, whenever I try to start up the BMesh build I get lots of errors and the knife tool doesn’t work.

Can you configure Blender to open a specific startup.blend file when it starts up? I actually expected to find this setting in the Files section of the user preferences but it isn’t there.

If not, how can I prevent the BMesh build from opening the startup.blend file that contains all of my settings? Is there a way to do this other than deleting the startup.blend file?

Maybe you find some useful command line options, read the command line help with “blender -h” (*nix) or “blender /?” (win). Those look interesting:

Skip reading the “startup.blend” in the users home directory

Set the BLENDER_SYSTEM_DATAFILES environment variable

and also the environment variables. But at least --factory-startup prevents Blender to read your startup file, so maybe that’s all you need.

Thanks for the ideas Sanne.

I have actually manufactured a work around a little bit of a different way:

I have created two different startup.blend files, each configured for the different Blender build that I wish to run (one being a trunk build and one being a BMesh build) in their own separate folders on my hard drive. In each one of those folders I have a batch file that, when double clicked, overwrites the current startup.blend file being used in my user profile with the one in that folder.

So all I need to do is go into the folder of the startup.blend file that I want to use, double-click the batch file, and then start up the appropriate version of Blender. Now that I think about it, I suppose I could just make a batch file that did both things in succession. :slight_smile:

It would seem to me to make sense, however, to have the ability to select the startup.blend file you wish to to use in the Files section of the user preferences control panel. Perhaps there is a good reason to not have that that the developers already decided upon?

Hmmm, I thought I read about such an option somewhere (specifying startup.blend)… but maybe I’m just remembering incorrectly. Your workaround sounds ok to me, though. I’m used to start scripts that set variables, paths etc for applications before starting them, it’s a standard practice on Linux.

In case I do remember what I read and where I read it :), I’ll post here.

Edit: actually, I do remember reading about related info. Blender is supposed to be able to work in a “local install”, meaning it looks in its own subfolders for a startup file. Depending on your installation method, you should be able to run several Blender versions side by side with their own startup files. Look here, especially the first section “Configuration & Data Paths”. This sounds promising:

For locally extracted blender distributions the user configuration and data runtime data are kept in the same sub-directory, allowing multiple blender versions to run without conflict, ignoring the USER and SYSTEM files.

Nice find!

Sure enough, copying a config folder into the 2.57 directory of the BMesh build with a BMesh-specific startup.blend file overrides the installed user profile. Problem solved!


Oh, great! Glad it works so nicely. :slight_smile: