Ford F150 2021


I have been modeling the Ford F150 2021 for some time.

This is my first model from scratch in Blender - I’m still learning this software.
Earlier, I worked on the company’s product with the letter “A” … :wink:

I’m at the end of the modeling process - only the door panels are left.
There are a lot of versions and combinations.

What do you think about this project? I will be grateful for any insights!


Very impressive and detailed! I’ll be watching this! Any idea if you’ll render it as well?

Looks fantastic!
Why not rendering with materials and lights, once you finish the modeling part, and then sell it over the net? Bake the Normals for explosion :slight_smile:

By the way from the side view I could add a comment, which I’m not sure if applicable but yo can check.
The steering wheel and also the seats are looking a bit thinner as feeling compare to the overall environment. You can bump the effect a bit for more space.

Keep creating.

Thank you for your appreciation! I’m trying my best but there are no good references to use for this vehicle …

ctdabomb: Yes, I’m planning a render. Most likely, the open air, because this car is not suitable for the studio … Maybe a ride through the water, because I will not model the chassis in the original, only the outline and then I will be able to “get lost” in the water.
In addition, I’m interested in the technical side of water in Blender - I will have a testing ground :slight_smile:

ivaydesign: the model will be available from my client - details after finishing work.
I made the steering wheel thicker, because it was actually a bit too thin. I had blueprints and dimensions for the armchairs - generally everything is correct, but there can always be some deviation. Unfortunately, I miss a 3D scan. In the upper projection (I managed to get it) everything fits the width (tunnel + seat width).

Super nice and detailed model. Keep it up we wish to se a nice environment and render too :smiley:

Today I finished the side panels of the door. It was hard, because it is difficult to find specific photos in order to set the camera for photography.


at what price would you sell that model?

Great model, especially because is quad base, without n-gons, so popular sloppy modeling style, these days :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks great! Goodluck on finishing it, can’t wait to see the finished product <3

Looks amazing, keep doing it!