Ford GT ''17 with EEVEE

Hi Guys. Another test with EEVEE.
Exterior scene this time (motion blur added with photoshop). Too fast! :smile:


Very nice scene and render! Only thing I would’ve changed is to remove the rectangular light source that is reflected in the front window.

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Very impressive modelling

Only have 2 issues with the presentation,

the white flash inside the car is jarring

Could just be me but, the HDRI doesn’t seem to match with the environment(I know that they’re both rendered with the same hdri but still)

apart from that, GJ.

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Thank you so much for your feedback. I removed the white flash in the car, what do you think?


It looks much better.

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Or too dark now? I’m uncertain… XD

nice work !!!

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nice work.

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Thank you guys :slight_smile: