ford gt40

Hi, I am modeling this car slowly…

C&C would be wery welcome…

sweet! (yet another short post)

I know that holes beetwen windows and a car model are frayed. I will try to fix it…

Beautiful work man. One of the best cars I have seen yet.

How did you get the really nice sharp edges around the headlight?


thx :wink:

I was playing around with double verticles on the edges - on the image above is piece of screen from blender :wink:

That’s what I figured, but I just wanted to make sure. I do that all the time.


Very nice, i can’t wait to see the finished picture. Is that render blender?

If not, can you render it in blender? I hate that stucco look, makes it look like a drawing more than a model.

yeah i’m following the development of this model from the beginning :] nice work neos :]

here you go a blender render:

without radiosity, just four lamps…

Great piece of modelling (one day, one day … )
One tiny thing - is the glass in the door windows really bent like that? - Seems a bit odd - side window glass is usually flat, or at least only curved in one plane (although I’ve never seen a GT40 up close :))

Great work - I’m looking forward to seeing its progress!


heh :] when neos get’s up he will send me my ford focus that I modeled yesterday when I was at neos’es house :wink: and I’ll place it here ;]

nice ! :stuck_out_tongue:

great modelling dude! maybe though uh, some shadows and not ‘lamp’ lights in the blender render will do it much more justice =)

I’m approaching with my first atempt to HDRI. I know that’s quite unrealistic, and it’s shining to much…

more images ->

… I’m waiting for critics about hdri, and tips how to make it more realistic…

thx for comments, cya

nice nice ;]

some small updates, and hemi render… (quite noisy, cause only 25 samples)
render with different hdri background (the wheels are shining now!) :slight_smile:

Nicely done. I think it’s a little too reflective still though.

Great modelling.


nice stuff. what settings are you using for the hdri and how long did it take?
i don’t think that the reflection is to much, it’s just a very new car