Ford GT40

benn working on this for a while, still needs a lot of details but it’s a start

C&C please

Very good meshing. Don’t forget to either Hide or Pin important vertices, to retain the contours.

One thing, the center of the roof has a section of squished vertices. Is that intentional?

I like this car, because it shows that you planned for the SubSurfing and will look very realistic when finished.

well, if you look at the blueprint you will see that the car has vingdoors(or whatever) so i made the outlines of those early.
What do you mean with the first comment, im from Norway so english is not really my language :expressionless:

I see now.

First Comment: Hide finished parts of the mesh (H-Key) while meshing critical areas, to prevent damaging them.

Spin - I don’t agree with hiding. You need to see the entire model when modeling. There is undo and older saves if you mess something.

You do see the entire project, even when hidden. What mode are you in? Some modes don’t show hidden wire meshes.

The reason for “hiding” is to stretch certain areas, or roatate certain vertices.

I use the L-Key a lot, to hide chunks of sections (like the doors) so I can touchup the hood or fender.

The back of my car had to be skewed at a certain angle, so I hid the rest and skewed what was needed.

Here’s a 1985 Lamborghini Countach I was working on today, but I am just not in the mood to do another car yet.

I just started it. You or anyone here her can download it and play around with it or nothing at all. It is in the very primitive stage.