ok, hope you like it and tell me what you think:D

100% diggable.

looks very nice but it seems the car isnt “in” the scene and more “on” it. maybe the car is too big… or maybe it needs mostion blur to fit the rest of the scene. :slight_smile:

yeah the car doesn’t look like it belongs there

if swap the car for a jet or scifi plane would look much better yeah but i think it needs a little bit of gimping work

ok after looking at your car i felt a very very strong urge to go and vandalize it haha now i think it belongs kinda lol
just messing around:evilgrin:

Yes, the car is too big compared to the house behind it. But impressive precision in the modeling!

Yeah…like ppl said “size matters” :slight_smile:
Also your lighting is not entirely right…I can see some sharp sun light comming from behind…but it looks like your main light source in Blender is infront of the car.

Very nice modeling though
Take care

woo n4s anyone?

to free_ality:

to blubernuget:
thx for your words, I composite the car with a pic in the Node, Im not quite sure abt how to make it real so maybe it looks not that good. I find many cars ads and most of them have a blur motion back ground and weels, but the cars main body looks very clear and shape. So I thought this will be cool...:p heres a shoot from my Node, I think I make it too *%$&^ :no:
I hope you can give me some help abt the Node

to MorbidDog:
Next time I will try to model the whole sence.:o

to blenderrenegade:
en, :pI think you did a great job and it looks cool even I feel my ford is “Game Over”~~lol

to CG-Predator:
I agree with you abt the “size matters”.:o
I use only one lamp to light the car from behind, but I add some relflication to the material of the car with a HDRI file, and 2 white board are put around.
thx for your words abt the model. I shoot a pic abt the model hope you like it too:D

That is some excellent modeling! :smiley:

yeah that is an excellent model i mean its so good even the mesh is properely lined up

Very cool, the model is amazing and the background is sweet :D. Like the others said the car doesn’t really fit with the rest of the image, and the white reflection on the windshield doesn’t look right.
The wireframe of the car looks very neat and ordered, and the node setup is interesting to look at.

Great job :D.

Wow, beautiful modelling, but sometimes blender nodes can’t compete with a bit of proper post-production in phtoshop or gimp, it could do with some softening up and slight blur, the colours are mostly ok, if a little bright.

WOOOOOW! uber awesomeeEe! :open_mouth:

I wonder if you could get ford to buy this for an ad… it looks great! But I agree with the rest, something’s not right between it and the scene, maybe it is the size.

I say it’s awesome! YOu should make the car a little blurry. Make it more belong on a scene.

to egan:
thx, I`ll do that better next time~:cool:

to otto riis:
:(I agree with you and others too now```

to TheAnimal:
I used to compete pics in photoshop, but this time I wanna try to use blender only````and finally I think the nodes are more than meats the eyes```:D

to reynante:

to lipton_lover:
lol. I hope they can see this sometime and give me a discount, cos I prefer this Mendeo so much~!

to blenderman345:
en, I`ll pay attenation to it next time```:D

Nice car. Too bad it’s a Ford…

i mean this in a good way, but the final render doesnt show off the quality of your work…
the detail is taken away by the lighting etc.

also change the thread title to “mondeo” not mendeo :smiley:



to charliemcf:
opps, my mistake of that, thx for your words:)