Ford Model T (It doesn't look like it does it)

This is one of my BEST attempts to make a car. Best part: NO Windows! So here it is!
:frowning: Not good huh?


hi, blenderman345,
this finished projects section is for quality finished projects.

:frowning: Not good huh?

not even close to having any redeeming features at all.

If you are trying for a realistic model-T, not good. If you want a cartoon car, its decent, but could stand some improvements. Why not start a thread in WIP and ask for some advice on how to improve it?

Okay. NOT A MODEL T! Took your advice. From now on… The Cartoon Blender Car!

Most of the image is washed out. You don’t want high washout in scenes.

If you didn’t post in WIP then always post there first
even if you feel it’s done because someone might point
something out to you that you missed and then
you can go back and fix it up.

Come on people, don’t be so cruel! There is no place which says this part of the forum is for quality work only.

In fact, I like your car blenderman345. It’s nice. And it IS a Ford T. And you know why? Because you SAY SO. And it’s also finished. Again because YOU SAY SO.

And it’s a good start for modelling cars, I’m making one myself and it takes yeeaaars to learn the complex modelling.

Don’t let these guys let you down or change your mind. I’ve had the same round. Some people in here aren’t much worth. If you want some comment and critics in generel for your work, you can add me to MSN and we can be Blender friends if you want to, so we can share experience and ideas.

My MSN; killer-cop (at)

Add me if you will. :slight_smile: