Ford Motor Company Announces TurboSquid as Official 3D Asset Partner

So, you can now buy officially licensed 3D printed models, .stl files and .max files of Ford cars

This won’t change much in the short term, though I wonder what their longer term goal is:-

I remember reading a long time ago that Ford had stopped using real cars in their advertising material. I guess they will be highly detailed and accurate models, and they are reasonably priced. The licensing restrictions are as you would expect. Reading around, it seems their aim is towards future sales of 3D printed models.

Good play, I wonder how many more game assets will be ford now,

Bad play. Ford are now exclusive to TS, who only pay 60% royalty in a best case scenario. TS will now pursue other agreements like this and they will stitch up the 3D printing market as well as the 3D model market - and the big loosers will be 3D artists.

I think Ford can afford to share the profits on their models. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my best buddies works there in the 3d department. I’ll ask him about this.

Well, car modelers were always in the ‘grey zone’ as - except if they used editorial licenses for their models - sold a product based on someone else’ intellectual property.