Ford Mustang Fastback

Ford Mustang Fastback

Modeling: Blender 2.48
Rendered with: Blender Internal
Render time: about 8min.
Post work: Paint 3.36
hope you like it.

Nice! This is personally one of my all time favorite cars (I hate all the supercars except for the Corvette and the Viper (dont ask why because I dont know myself)). How many polys is it by the way?

I really like this! Very good work.

Any blender internal composition?

Great start, good render!
Could use a few more polys.

you tried yafaray

My favourite car of all times :slight_smile:

Can we see a wire?

Definitely a nice car, and youve modeled it pretty well. You can see that its lacking polys tho, the edges are all rough and bumpy.

And one last thing… The colour??? Why choose a ugly mustardy brown for such an awesome car??

Why not metallic blue, or metallic black, or even just plain yellow?

thank you for your answers and ideas.
so now some more informations

the model has 142812 vertex and 133319 Faces
@kacper00100 (I think this could be the right information for you - what are polygons exactly? Maby you can tell me ;))

I think i will make a wire image and an image with another car material (only for you AD_Edge :D), too

But now I am doing the exam for my graduation. It could take some time to make this pictures.
so thanks again

OK, I still found time to make the Wireframe picture

Really nice man,but you could smooth out the top of the car by adding more edgeloops and maybe the view angle should be better if you would show something of the back of the car or don’t show it at all.
This is just my opinion,and I am far from being good,I just like to help people as much as I can.


Yeah verry sweet render.
But there are a lot flaws in the polygons. You may want to tweak and smooth some.
Also mustard brow ain’t my favorite car color.

thanks again
I think it could be good to work on the mesh.
I will spend some time to clean up the mesh and the perspective of the camera. And I’m also going to make a new car colour.

Yay!!! :wink:

So now I finished the meshwork and changed some points. The new image is at the top of the thread. Hope you like it.
I will change the wireframe picture, too
please reply