Ford Mustang GT | by rogper

Hello Friends!
Not often I’m able to share anything that I do, because 98% of what I do is for clients and the rest is for my project Resilience Satelle r.i.c.e.

This specific car and wheels were made by me for:

  • The car, to my great friend Mr. Lewis Dickson, from USA.
  • The wheels, to my great friend Ms. Eleonora Pole, from Latvia, CEO at SMW Wheels.

Scenery elements:

  • The haystacks are from “Resilience Satelle” props and were made by my beloved wife @Rute_Perdiz
  • The background HDRi is from HDRi Haven.

Geometry was rendered with Cycles and the smoke and mist on Eevee.
Composed together and color corrected in GIMP.

Here’s how it looks on the scene:

Some of you may still remind of the Epic “Opel GT by rogper”, that took arround 4 years to make… :dizzy_face:
:sweat_smile: Well, this Ford Mustang took less than one week, but let’s not forget that has only a very basic interior.

These were the versions made for SMW Wheels:

Hope you like it!
Any comment is always greatly appreciated.
Best regards


Awesome work, Mustangs are one of my favourite cars. Great job Rogper.

Hey Pal @Opel-GT! :smiley: Good to see you again and that you’ve found the Mustang too :slight_smile:
Hehe you and me like similar cars! Thank you very much!