Ford Mustang GT500 "Eleanor"

Hey guys, I’m back again!
and guess what…

with a car :rolleyes:

it’s a classic this time, a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with the modifications from the film car Eleanor from the Gone in 60 seconds movie.
I loved this car the first time i saw it in the movie (great movie btw :wink: )

the big problem is the lack of authentic blueprints, 'cause it’s not an actual car model, but a body kit for the Mustang GT500.

yeah, but it’s getting along somehow :wink:

c&c welcomed!
(.:tires and rims are temporary:.)


I have absolutely no expirience in cars and have never seen this one, but it look like your roof is one face too thin.

Ooh! I just saw gone in 60 seconds a few days ago (both the original and the remake)…
I can’t comment on the finer details, but so far the general shape of the car is definitely there, though I think some parts of it are too smooth, they need to be a lot sharper.
Has anyone done the mustang from Bullitt? Because that would be cool also…

Good start man, its one of my favorite cars too.
will be watchin this one …

shes a beauty of a car aint she? i love the shelby GT500. you’ve made a good start but the front by the headlamps looks a little dented. Try to straighten that out. Otherwise this is lush.

problem is, it’s that way in the real body kit, too.
I do want it to be as low poly as possible, 'cause my audi model had way too many verts.

I tweaked some things at this point, but I will post another update with renders this evening.

and here are some of my references
…and a little appetizer for whats still coming…lol :smiley:
currently workin’ on the rims


so I did the rims…
fiddeling almost 3 hours :eek:
have to say that I don’t like the originals that much, but I stick to the references.

to do:
the line which leeds to the airintake beneath the door - - quite challenging :frowning:
the intake above that intake
aaand the back


tweaked the design edge and started the airintake
here’s a quick render

c&c welcomed :slight_smile:


The circles for the front lights look like they need to be a bit sharper. It might just be because of the lighting, but that’s something you might want to check on.

yeah you’re right Pizzadude, tweaked it :wink:
and I finished the first airintake(i think)
don’t bother the rear fender, it’s not final

here are a few view angles and a wire


wow good job i seriously adore this car

the body is almost finished now.
now it’s time for details like doorhandles, mustang sign and stuff

here are some new renders
I plan on making a bridge scene for this car…maybe the Golden Gate Bridge by dusk


the rims look awesome…s o does the rest of the car but i especially liek the rims

Very nice. To me, the older cars are more difficult. Looks like you’ve done a really nice job with this one.

well…thanks! :slight_smile:
added an extra close up for you :smiley:

here’s a first yafray test >>
btw: how do i get alpha maps to work in yafray? the racing stripes don’t show up in yafray :mad:


I would say the body is finished…
started with the interieur, seats and stuff

what’s your oppinion? anything wrong?
materials are still not final.


the front end looks great and in my opininon the front and the back are the hardest parts to make…at least i found it hard

Is there any way you would be willing to give a detailed description of settings for Yafray for a scene like this? I mean for a really good final render.

how do i get alpha maps to work in yafray? the racing stripes don’t show up in yafray

Yafray FAQ:


well…erm, these renders were all rendered internal
I’m no crack in yafray at all…i can simply set the settings to have a well lit scene with a hdri, nothing special.
heres one i just rendered (but nothing final :wink: )
this is a good start with yafray settings:

Edit:in the latest renders i turned on AO (Ambient Occlusion) in the World Buttons…never noticed before…that’s probably why you thought they were yafray.
I attached my yafray settings for this recent render, maybe it helps

and thanks alvaro! I’m gonna try it out soon.