Ford Mustang-like car -- Updated --

Hey everybody, yesterday I have started to create a car. And with some “bad” luck it kinda turned out to be a Ford Mustang or some like that. Anyways, I haven’t used a blue print or anything so if something is wrong, please say so.
Btw don’t mension the sides missing, I have just started on that :D.

C&C very appreciated.

(Don’t mension the sand… :D)

Hehe, at least your image-tags don’t work - You use Geocities, and in addition I get ‘Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!’ :(. Please look for a decent webhoster.

thats lookin cool :smiley: use u dont have to sign up or anything just locate ure file and click upload :D, the images work on forums so its all gdgd :Z

Yeah Microserf, thnx for the tip, really handy :D.

Here are the old images if the previous three didn’t worked.

And here is an update of the model with a bit texturing done.
As usual, critics and ideas very appreciated.

Great model! Can’t wait for more updates!

the tires look a little too thin… and of course not textured yet… but sill good looking car! I’d say just make the tires a tad thicker and you’re good.
Oh, and are there going to be seams for the doors and various panels of the car? It looks too perfect like that :wink:

that sand look in the first pics. How do u do that? noise texture?

tis looking gd :D, but try add some tranparency and slight reflection to the windows and a slight reflection on the body of the car and make the alloys rlly shiney :D, and the lighting cud do with some adjusting.

I had made a new simpel render with the changes I have made: some mirrors, a spoiler, a lot of bugs and simpel mistakes removed and better sideskirts and front spoiler. Here it is. As said before, C&C very welcome :D.
Some awnsers:

the tires look a little too thin… and of course not textured yet

I’ll texture them soon. I know the tires are a bit thin but I kinda like that. Becouse the tires themselves haven’t been “painted black” (The Rolling Stones rule :stuck_out_tongue: …) But when they are black you’ll see that they don’t look as thin as they look now.

are there going to be seams for the doors and various panels of the car?

I’m still not sure, I think I will do so. Doorhandles and wipers will also be added.


that sand look in the first pics. How do u do that? noise texture?

Actually, that effect is called -Ambient Occolution- ( AO ) or sometimes in Blender: -Radiocity- ( I like the work Radiocity better… ). It is a way to create “licht-bounce” simulation wich (sometimes) gives a more realistic effect. You can find these buttons in the -World Buttons- ( F8 ). Here is a tab called -Ambient Occolutions-. Tweak these paramters to understand it better. (Make sure the -Ray- button is on in the -render buttons- ( F10 )

Here is a update in a bigass render :D.
Please be harch and critical :P.

Roger, its coming along well! Its a little “lumpy” - maybe try adding some crease lines (select an edge and hit shift-E, watch the bar as you move your mouse) where appropriate. I hope this dude doesn’t have any suspension, cause those wheel well panels will be history with the first pot-hole! Keep at it!

Whoa Mzungu (I hope that ain’t your name :D), using shift-E really did the trick for the hood. Now it looks more like it HAS a hood :D. Do you perhaps know how I can make the door seals? So that it looks like there are doors that can be opened? They don’t need to be able to open but it must seem like it is able to :-? …Get what I mean? Here is a pic with my wireframe:
Do you know a way? Or anybody else ofcourse :D!
About the wheel-panels, never mind, I don’t think it will move at all so I don’t really care about that :D. I know what you mean but I think this is really nasty lookin’. 8)
Thnx for the post btw :smiley:

Hey guys I have (very unsuccesfully I think : :frowning: ) tried to create a render using reflections on the car and ground. I also added clouds as a background, two walls and a steal bar. The floor looks ok I think but everything else is ugly. But the reflections now visible on the car are pretty cool I think. Very simple and undetailled but it looks kinda more realistic. When I have more time I will create a nice cargarage wich will look mcuh cooler and then the reflections on the car will look cooler too.
Give your opinion if you like but notice that this setting is temporary and I will create a nice one.

Do you know a way?

No, unfortunately I don’t, but would like to know a good method myself for this. I think the knife tool would cut the mesh into two separate meshes along certain edges… but I don’t know how to use it (need to research this… [edit] found info here [/edit]… [edit #2] I also remember that you can separate portions of your mesh into other parts with the Pkey in edit mode - for seParate, I guess… [/edit #2]) However, creative use of a face extrude could get you there.

[off topic] Mzungu: swahili slang meaning “white person” (usually with an implied “crazy” to go with it)

What do you think of the door in the picture above? I extruded the shape of the door in the side of the car. I am currently rendering a render of the car with reflections. I made a simple cargarage wich should be reflected on the car to give a more realitic look. I did the same with the picture above but I haven’t created a full garage wich I have here. I’ll post it when it is finished.

Its looking good, why dont u add an HDRI, also i dont know if this is final but the texture on floor looks quite low res.

Yes I know about the floor texture but, as I said, this render was a fast test to test how reflections on the looks. Btw, what does HDRI means? I liked it and made a complete cargarage. This made a nice reflection on the car (check out the next picture) but the surroundings itselves don’t look nice. So what I am saying here (I kinda have problems expressing myself in english :-? ) is that the car now look sok but the surrounding doesn’t.

My question: is there a way to make the car reflect it’s surrounding but without the surrounding being visable for the camera. Get what I mean?
Here’s the pic.
C&C welcome

Here is a short summary of the renders I have done. Please chose one wich you think is the best one, and criticize it. If you do that I’dd be more than pleased :D.
Here they are:

I forget the whole explanation of HDRI but it stands for ‘High Dynamic Range Image’ To use it you first need HDR light probes from here : ,then in blender assign a image texture channel to the world background and load your downloaded HDR file as the image file and set as ‘AngSky’ mapping, oh yeah render it in Yafray and thats it :wink: