Ford Mustang Model

I decided to try my hand at car modeling and don’t really like where it has gotten me. I got all of the main body panels roughly modeled and then realized that it wasn’t working out too well. I mainly had problems getting the creases in body panels looking right, lining up with other panels, creating smooth curves across a panel and various places where i couldn’t seem to avoid tri’s.

I think I am going to start again from scratch and spend more time ensuring I stick to reference images. I also tried to model each body panel independently, which later led to problems lining them up. I am going to try to model the car in one piece and then later separate the panels. I spent about 10 hours on this model, so maybe i just need to spend more time on the mesh.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the modeling techniques seen in the wire’s, please let me know. I am especially curious to hear any methods of maintaining a smoother curve across a panel.

wire images are on my server at:


It did some beautiful painting in MS-paint (hope you dont mind).:stuck_out_tongue:

In general i think it looks really good. But in some places there is too much loops. I did some arrows to show you were i would start to reduce and repair. To much loops is a easy way to get a hard controlled mesh. There is no problem if it looks a bit “blocky” subsurf will solve that for you.
I also painted 2 easy things in green how i would have solved it.

When modelling different parts I use to start with coping the end edges and then make them a separate object and start from there. That way they line up and you get the mirror for free.
Let me know if you dont understand what Im talking about. :wink:

As mawi said you have too many loops. I have to admit, almost all of them flow nicely. Try mawi sugestion the try to reduce the loops also on other car parts (the engine door is an obvious example).

I personally would cut an additional vertical loop in the middle of the door.