Ford Mustang Shelby 2008

hi everyone,

i’m doing a hardsurface modeling study right now. The object that i modeled is Ford Mustang Shelby. The coolest car ever i think :). let me know what do you think?


here is an update from me. i’ve been worked on rear part. the tyres are temporary, i took it from my previous model.

good work so far.can u show some wires

of course, check this out :

another update, i’ve worked on mirror, rim, and tweaking the car paint material. i realized, the other material still to be fixed. i’ll do it soon.

latest update, i did an experiment about car studio set up and car paint material. i’ve tried many different color, and i think red is the best. :slight_smile:

Sick model! i prefer the yellow one and i would lighten the last render a bit. Perhaps you wanted a low key lighting, but you loose a lot of the shot.

PS are those flows of the correct according the that model??? it looks like the Chrysler Camaro, but that could be cause of the color

I loved your car so much…and yellow looked better…also it would be great to see this car in some exterior environment…:slight_smile:

@rombout : thanks for your feedback. gonna try your suggestion next time. it could be . :smiley:
@rakesh087s : glad you like it.

back to this model . i decided to convert it to low poly model. here it is. still working on the texture. hope will be finished as soon as possible

it is rendered using GLSL. it has 8116 tris .

nice clean model. great work!!!:yes:

I agree with roninzero. Beautiful work !

One of my favourite Ford cars, great model very clean…I’m agreeing with the majority here, the yellow looks much better but a white car and blue stripes would look nice also…
Are you planning in modelling the interior? that would be sooo cool

The Mustang is basically my favourite car ever. I like the 1960’s ones better than the newer ones though. Awesome job. Mustangs always look awesome in this blue.

No exceptions.

I’m the one who disagrees with everyone though, I like the red better than the yellow (In my opinion yellow is one of those colors you never put on a car similar to pink and light greens).

I agree with @TARDIS Maker, awesome job…and yes blue is one of the colours that favour the car, but just had a few ideas

LOL…just wanted to check, and definitively NO PINK, GREEN or PURPLE ALLOWED on cars

PS. Don’t take to serious this, is all in good fun :smiley:

roninzero & zakousky : thank you :slight_smile:
tommy1441 : yeah, each person have their own favourite color. i do agree no pink , green or purple on mustang shelby. :slight_smile: . it’s looks like a muscular man wearing woman dress . LOL .
TARDIS Maker : yeah, red is the best.

just finished texturing exterior part.

awesome job. the texuring is great!