Ford Mustang V8 2006

My new project. I’m trying to accomplish my old dream to model my first 3D car. :slight_smile: Hope u like it. :slight_smile:

Wires. If you want help you better post wires. Topology doesn’t seem very good…

I know especially front part of the body. Is there any easy way to render wire frame without duplicating the model?


Back and top view

It’s not bad at all, but some areas sucha as the front and the back need improvement imo… although I dont know how to explain it… Maby someone can help you.

I used this tutorial =>
especially the 4th method is what you want.

What references do you use? I couldn’t find any with this type of hood. I have to say this looks wrong in so many ways, because it’s not aerodynamic at all with just holes in it. And if it’s supposed to cool the engine they have to be lowered in the front to let the air in.

The wires are not bad for your first car model. :wink: But the front is crooked all the way, try to round it out at the sides from the top view, according to this reference.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

for a first car it always pays to pick a simple model so that you can get the basics of car modeling down. And the basics is how to create good clean surfaces. I would think this is a car that you should be doing as a third or second car. My one crit for this car is that I can spot several n-gons and thin triangles in your car. These areas are likely to pinch when you subdivide it with sub-d modifier

I think that tyrant monkey is right. This model looks difficult for a first try. I dont know if you already see this tutorial but i suggest you to follow the very good tutorial by Dark Scarab ( car modeling Chevrolet Camaro). You can find it easily on google :wink:

Good luck !

thx all for the support. :slight_smile: Some update, near the finish. :slight_smile:

impressive. i think maybe the metalic on the alloy tires is just a little fake… cant put my finger on exactly what about it but it feels too perfect even for a studio shot. other than that good work

Yeah i know, there’s no environment for the rims to reflect. It does’t look like a chrome. In future i try improve this. thx.:slight_smile:

A great first attempt; as ever, TM gives good advice.

I don’t see any issues not already covered.

Now to be blunt:

Having said that, however, when rendering, you’re looking to show off your car; the angle you’ve chosen should let you show how nice and clean, and smooth the flow down the side is; unfortunately yours isn’t.

Look at the image below, it seems to represent very closely what a 2008 v8 mustang looks like, without the weird bonnet (hood to you guys:) )additions.

I’ve circled two areas where lines flow evenly across various panels; it’s very important that attention is taken with these aspects. All cars have this to greater and lesser degrees of emphasis. It’s one of the primary areas of importance, unless the only shot you need is almost directly from the front.

My advise for your next car is chose something less complicated; work on getting the overall shape right.

maybe he’s using 10s of thousands of samples…so there is no noise/graininess at all (which is found in normal photography)

looks okay…the bonnet is higher due to very big aftermarket supercharger. Air comes in through the grill, out through the holes which are not just holes, they are air outlets and are curved if you look carefully…its a common feature on many bonnet designs…

Yeah i used 10 000 samples :slight_smile:

I know how air intakes work, but this “thing” doesn’t do anything good. The air coming from the front, going through the grille flows straight into the radiator.
Additional air intakes/vents are meant to provide more cooling for the engine like this oine, but often are just for show I guess.

Nonetheless, I personally don’t like these big holes for this model.
Other than that, it looks ok for a first time car. Still a bit crooked in the front, especially where the front fender meets the bumper.

im not 100% sure what you are circling or if you are being very broad, but i would like to point out that the decal on the side is a rarity, often in special editions, are easily removed, and mind you, often are by people who plan on making a seriese of after market upgrades to their vehicle.

if you meant to circle the tires, Fords stock tires SUCK and i would not suggest ANYONE who is making aftermarket upgrades keep them so it is no surprise to me he changed them.

headlamp and rear wheel well/quarter panel could definitely use some work but i think the areas you circled are too broad. please remember that with cars like this, or my lamborghini model, they are what we call “specialty cars” and are designed with many more mechanical complications than most average vehicles. major changes like the hood and tires are likely deliberate.

i was at a car show a while back and got to get a good look at a shelby… superchargers where angled towards the sides, and they had a body kit that had several large intakes cut into the sides of front quarter panels and bumper instead of the hood… might be slightly more accurate to this model if it where meant to be a “functional” piece.

I used these blueprints:

Yeah whole front part i screwed modeling.

I guess you have a point, its all about looks…I mean if they were into aerodynamics, why would they start off with such a $hitty design in the first place…

Also, you mention something wrong with how the bumper meets the fender, I suggest you look at the actual american cars and see their build quality in real, you’ll find similar faults on them :p…