Ford Mustang V8 2006

There’s nothing wrong with screwing up, especially in your first model. This way you’re doing it better the next time!

haha, you’re probably right! maybe I’m spoiled with german engineering :wink:

lol. i hate fords. odly enough VW owns just about every major italian (and some german) brands known to man.

Porsch owns 33%> of VW> Audi, Seat, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bently, and Skoda…

Yeah, the Germans seem to have a a good hold on things… lol

And then there was Fiat… who owns Ferrari… and for this i must hate Fiats. (new ferraris SUCK! lol)

Blue prints are a guide. Great for dimensions, lousy for shape detail.

They in no way take the place of looking closely and often at the 50 plus reference images you have.

Yes you need lots of reference images.

Well, if it’s any concellation: all Fiats suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. i ALMOST bought one… i dont like fealing top heavy though. odly enough… i just backed into a brand new 2013 mustang the other day (the reason i didnt get a fiat… lol) because i was too high in my SUV to see the short ass thing. i think ALL cars should be paper thin if possible. lol.