Ford Mustang

My attempt to make old ford.
I did two renders bright one and dark one. Which one do you like better?
Comments and critics appreciated.

Great work here!
Between these two, I prefer the bright render, in the second scene many details are lost, and it is a shame.
PS: love this car!!

In these two images i prefer the first one(the white one), but as an idea of creating a rendering of a ford mustang i would prefer a black mustang, so if you improve your black mustang i think i will like it more.
I agree with jdpy many details are lost( for example in tires) and i think you should add some contrast to your image through the use of lighting variation or different background that makes the car pop out more, overall make the image more vivid.
Nice mustang i hope you will improve your image and be happy with the result.
Keep up the good work.