Ford Thunderbird 1957


This is my latest work and my first post here. Ford Thunderbird 1957.
Blender 2.62, Cycles (350-500 samples), nodes compositing.
Studio setup, ground plane with gradient, sky texture + 2 poly lights (front + top).

Niiiccccce :smiley:

A bit too much white overlay but great model, very detailed.

Love it. Is lens dust applied via Blender compositor or via gimp/photoshop? Congrats

Kind regards.

I think I agree with Jools about the abundance of white overlay. At the same time, it does give the sort of look that advert copy of the time would have had, like a dated magazine page.
Still, it’s a fantastic render, and great model. I think this is my fave car ever. Gorgeous job.
And I HATE car renders. This one is nice, though.

My intention was to make an impression of old and faded photo from some magazine of 70-80’s… I didn’t want the perfect and clean look most car renders have, so what Adam wrote is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Anyway, that was just another exercise to make myself familiar with Blender, I’m sure you could find more issues when you look carefully into the pictures (at least I found some).

@marco: All post processing was made in Blender compositor, dust and scratches are applied from texture with Soft Light (f:0.3-0.7).

Thanks, good to hear you did not use any commercial softwares to achieve these results. Blender is gettin really powerful.

Kind regards

Beautiful work! Just…beautiful :slight_smile:

Incredible work. Besides the too-much-white-overlay, I think the post processing is very well done. For making it look aged, I think you should instead focus more on color shifts that happen to photographs/printed media over time and tone down the white overlay/fading. Most people miss these needed bits of noise and dirt that make renders look believably real. I applaud you for getting rid of that overly perfect and unrealistic uniformity and regularity of most unmodified renders.

He! Nice nice nice work.

This is a superb model! I like the grungy overlay, but the scene itself is super-minimal with no real background or environment, which is more commonly associated with a clean, dry render.

The way I see it, you’ve got to make a choice: Either remove the post-pro, or put your car in an environment that’s as grungy as the filter itself. Otherwise, it just looks like a cheap afterthought…

love the modeling here :wink:

I’m so jealous.

amazing realy
is it all done in blender ?

I have to disagree with Rocketman. (Edit: Or maybe not. :D)
Even though I don’t think he’s wrong or that I’m right but I think the grunge fits perfectly as this could be a studio shoot of a car and as you ntnsftr (hope I spelled it right) said the grunge was to make it look like an old faded photo. It would make sense to have a studio shot in a newspaper.

On the other hand maybe that’s not really what they did in those times so I see what Rocketman was getting at. Well your choice. Opinions are like…everybody has one. :smiley:

Great work! Some of the best car renders I’ve seen in my opinion.

By the way, it would be a travesty if this weren’t put into the gallery.

You actually nailed it by using that overlay, because that’s exactly what I said it looked like when I first saw the images, and thinking back to a very young time for me and having seen magazines from that time period just sparked something in me. Good job.

dude, nice. The post-production really nails it, and even more impressive that it was all done in blender. How/where did you make/get the dust/scratches to put in?

Awesome model, materials (and choice of car… I love it). Top notch work that should go straight to gallery, IMHO.

This is really great work, the model is amazing and I really like the post-pro :slight_smile: Gallery vote from me too.