Forearm and hand bones 4/8 update adding muscles and posed

This is about 4.5 hours of work. The shapes need a ton of finessing. This will be a WIP because I have a shorter time to do it than the foot.

Another 4 hours of work. 5 point lighting (4 areas, 1 spot) and added detail to 4 of the fingers.

Wow, it’s quite good, I like the anatomically correct appearance (I say appearance because I don’t know if it’s correct, although I had a first aid course today :smiley: )

The light is nice as well, warm and moody

Why thank you! I’m going for accuracy. Although its my first time modeling the arm bones and its seems I’m rushed for time. So I think it kind of shows in the model. I have updated it recently. However I have had some issues with my laptop so I can’t really show my progress yet.

Hey dude,
just wanted to say i’m really loving that lighting. It’s spectacular. Could you explain it a bit more?

I’m not sure, but it appears your wrist only has 7 carpals. I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be 8 there. I might have miscounted on your model. Damn you numbers!

nice work man, should be easy to rig hey keep it up

There are 7 bones on my model. I did fuse the pisiform to one of the bones (can’t remember them all yet. :-? )

Th elighting is using 4 area lights (two warm colors for one side, two cold colors for the other sides) There is a hot spotlight that is white that is used to rim light. When you place area lights near an object it tends to over power part of it, but parts further away from the light show more of the color and are not whited out. I just have been playing with lighitng and that’s how I got the effect. Here’s an update some views are rather hard to see, since they aren’t really lit well. But you get the idea of my lighitng I think better from seeing all views. BTW thanks for the comments!

Starting to add the forearm and hand muscles. This will take awhile. There are 14 I think in the forearm alone.

wow, what an arm, the lighting & shading look really nice!!! You may want to check out either the thickness of the humerus bone or the scaling of the hand, the proportions seems a little off to me.

otherwise that looks awesome!

Mr. S

Thank you! As for proportions its not the complete humorous, so it looks strange right now. When all fo the muscles are on it should make more sense. Eventually I will make a skeleton using the bones I’m making.

THe muscles of the hand are complete (the majority of the muscles are on the bottom of the hand btw). There are a few muscles between the meta carpal bones, but I they don’t affect the skin shape. I hope to have the modelling finished by this wedsday, since that’s the due date for the project. I have a 1 more layer of muscles left.

All of the main muscles are done. I can’t post the underview yet, since I’m having a few issues with vertice painting there.

wow :expressionless: truly fanastic, great work.

what is the bracelet-type bit around the wrist holding the tendons in place?

Thanks traitor! The bracelets are called retinaculum. And they do what you said, hold the tendons to the arm. Without them the tendons would push out at the wrist. I think this is what gets inflamed in carpal tunnel. I still have a few tweaks left (have to see what my teacher thinks to). Than I will digitally print it into a resin model. Also I have been experimenting with zbrush, perhaps normal maps would be good for the striations? Does blender work well with normal maps?

Great stuff !

Is this stage 1 of doing an entire human anatomy ? :slight_smile:


Its part 2 actually. I did a foot as well. And I’m working on a head too (my head without skin). The head is in the focused critique section. I don’t know about doing the whole body. Each part took about 2 months to do. Although I had a lot of other things to do, so I was not working on it the hole time.

this is looking nice. I don’t know enough about human anatamy to help out, but I can tell you that yes, blender does work well with normal maps. It’s not the greatest but it’ll do.

im wondering its butiful ive got nothing to say

The bones were nice, but the muscles look plain scary…


Thanks for the support Algorith, Justin, danmark0992! The muscles may need some revisions, I have to see what my teacher says. Also the lack of striations and some of the attachments bother me.