Forearm Help Needed!

The forearms of this model need to be posed in front of the chest with the forearms touching. I think the arms need rotating somehow to allow this motion of the IK chains, but have not found a method.

Which is more popular, a single elbow joint (ex. “Rigging a Hand and Foot” in the Blender 2.3 manual) or a joint with doubled bone using a constraint?

I hope some can look at the file and have some good laughs at my expense, then show me what I had forgotten.

The model can be found at:

Thank you for any help,


Hey Bob, playing with your creation would help you understand.

If you view the model from the back (ctrl and numpad 1) then rotate the upper arm bone around the y-axis, the forearm will swing in front of the body.

Just be confident that you will discover what you seek.