Foreign countries dominate online freelance work - I have a solution

It’s an equal-opportunity freelance website.

This is how it works. Basically there are fixed prices for all jobs and the jobs are placed in categories. For example, if a potential client wants a 3D render of an apartment, they would go to: 3D Renders->Architecture

The possible options under Architecture (not limited to these alone) are:

Interior ($300.00) x Number of Rooms.

They would then submit their request for (3D Render Interior 3 Room Apartment) Which is a $900.00 job…fixed.

You (the freelancer) see the job posted, and you make an offer with your portfolio. Then the client can make a decision, not on cost, but on talent.

Why use this rather than other cheap freelance websites? This website will attract SKILLED workers who take their job seriously - not quick penny earners.

Obviously there are many factors, but I’d like to get this idea in motion. I’d actually be willing to design this junk. What do you think?

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i think its all about the cost, some people really wants good Quality work but with the lowst cost

Also I think there is a misunderstanding that cheap artists are bad artists. That really does not have to be true. Living expenses in the region they are located are much more important to the prices they need to demand and there are certainly many great artists that live in lower income countries and can do better work for salaries that would be insufficient for food and lodging where I live.
Edit: I’m a hobbyist, not a professional artist by any mean so that does not matter to me.

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what gets me is how everyone whines and complains about nvidia and the gpu market, but a little competition in the cg field and we lose it.

i say if artists can charge whatever for work then nvidia can charge whatever they want for their work.