Foreign Languages

Hi there.

I am currently studying German and French and I would like to know a site with reading texts in the beginner to intermediate ranges for those languages, in order to learn those languages.
I learned English by watching movies, playing videogames and reading books, so I thought: should be possible for other languages.
Does anyone know one?

Thanks in advance!

On another note, I’d like to know what kind of lingo’s Blender artists speak, read and write fluently (not know, but really control), so feel free to vote :slight_smile: I don’t think such a poll exists yet, so here goes.


‘Currently’ is with 2 r’s…

Hmmm… you’re right.
Didn’t do much good to my image, so I’ll try and avoid typo’s in the future :wink:

haha, sorry… couldn’t help myself… no, that’s not true; I could, but I didn’t… Anyway, carry on. I myself don’t even speak dutch fluently. The only language I speak fluent is the language of love. Yep.

such a shame I’m only ‘talking’ to myself lately…

Eek! Where’s the Latin? I speak nothing, but I’m learning Latin, because it’s one of the best languages out there, despite being dead.

Also making love to yourself then?
Haha, don’t take that too seriously :smiley:

It’s only now I notice that you’re Dutch, so I wonder why we’re communicating in English then.
Although I have to admit I occasionally ask myself: “what’s English word x in Dutch?”

By the way, it’s “fluently” in the phrase “The only language I speak fluently…” :wink:

@ MartyJ: Errr - isn’t Latin a dead language? Like in: no-one speaks it and no-one has it as his/her natal language? That’s why I didn’t include it.

Anyway, does anyone have an idea for the improving of my German and French skills?

Why not… because I was talking about spanking the monkey.

Me too. Strange, knowing the english word but not the dutch word.

Yeah, whatever. At least I didn’t put in the poll I speak/read/write English fluentLY, and write ‘curently’ in the first post.

Wees lief voor je moeder,

Here is a site for You to learn German:

Cheers !

I can speak english quite well. Even as a 7 year old child i spoke english as well as some people can speak it when their 15 :smiley:
The thing is that I used to watch Cartoon Network and learnt english there :smiley:

I also can speak a lil’ russian, but not much.

I’m Dutch, no crappy dutch accent when speaking English. Okay german, learning Japanese basics, Chinese(Mandarin) basics, some of French and some spanish.

Come on! I’m the only one who checked portuguese?!? I know there’s a huge brazilian blender community.

Speak fluently English & Portuguese
Studying Italian & Japanese

Hope to call myself ‘fluent’ in italian within the next year, studying hard! Japanese will take a little longer, although I’ve finished 1 year in the university.

Haha :smiley:
Thanks for your help, but I ought to add that my level is a bit higher than that; I’m in my second year of studying German in school now (Dutch, French, English and German are all obligated over here).
Right now, stuff like “Lehrerin, kunnen Sie die Übersetzung auf dem Tafel schreiben, bitte?” is supposed to be what we’re able to do now.

I can see that many people are trying to learn other languages as well. I, myself, am intending to add Spanish to my package which already consists of Dutch and English and where I’m learning French and German right now. Maybe Japanese and/or Chinese as well some day.
That everyone is fluent in English here ought not to be a surprise, but then again, some aren’t (your != you’re ; their != they’re != there… for starters).

In our multi-cultural society, English will not suffice. Though some people are arrogant enough to think it will (just like the French, really).

Hmm, don’t think tafel is correct German though.
Mine (in that order): Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian.
Though, don’t expect too much from the last 4 :]

Ik ben altijd lief voor mijn moeder.

my native language is German
and from school i learned English but my speaking is crap always having hot patatoe in my mouth as my brother says.
and years ago learned Dutch by watchin my neighbours TV stations where they mostly use text for translation for example our TV-Series ‘Derrick’ or ‘Der Alte’ two Crime Series where send this way.
additionaly i try to learn Latin on my own
And a little Turkish i got but not very usefully currently.

lol Tafel is right but the article was wrong had to be ‘die Tafel’, but our five cases are the difficultiest subject of the German language so most learners have to study them good, and they are irregulary in some cases, but i myself use them, but cant name them.

It is not spoken as first language – even the Vatican has a problem with many of the higher ranks not able to communicate in latin any more.
Nevertheless there are still texts published in latin. It is still a good lingua franca.

Swedish and danish are missing in the poll! Sure, other languages too, but there are some people here from that contries (or speaking or learning that languages :smiley: ).

Use the language for things you would normally do in your native tongue (or a language you already know). Read books ( ) and newspapers in that language. Get training habits like one article per day. I (try to) read one random article a day from the wikipedia for the languages I want to improve (random article link is in the first box in the left bar, called “Zufälliger Artikel” at Or find daily comic strips in that language (e.g. ).

Do things that motivate you in the language to learn and improve it!

(Off to read Nemi at :wink: )

g four cases, don’t make it more complicated that it is. It is not finnish or russian…
I like our rules (and exception from the rules and rules for the exceptions and exception form that rules…) for the plural. In fact you have to learn it for each word explicitely…

hehe yep you are right
someone said there have to be a wordbook “‘my name’ - Deutsch” and vice versa but thats cause i read to much technical related books and text but rarely beletistric stuff with few exeptions ‘May und Moritz’, ‘Baron Münchhausen’ or em that with the ‘liliputanians’ ‘The Jorneys of bla bla’
and spend some time with Altdeutsch and Mittelhochdeutsch but that was only a overview.

Well what a bunch of boring languages. :cool:

Members from 130 countries practicing 115 languages (including Latin). :slight_smile:

I don’t know if they still do, but the French foreign lycees used to sponsor French reading/discussion groups for local francophones, as well as language classes. If there’s a nearby Lycee, you might check it out. I also recommend author Georges Simenon: simple language, riveting storytelling.