Foreign Planet

For an introduction i created a undiscovered, foreign planet.
For its creation I used the ocean modifier for the mountains and the rough landscape
and some particle systems for the stones.
With the mistpass and some volumetric materials i was able to create some kind of
gas lake or so to give a contrast to the mountains.

So here is the result:

Hope you like it. :wink:

Wow, very nice! The lighting and composite are pretty intense, you can’t really see the land that well. Brilliant work all the same :wink:

How did you make the mist ? Is it some object with volume scatter ?
What about sky?

@vejn the mist was made in the compositor with the sunbeams filter and some cloud rendering i did before. The horizon is an emitting plane with a blend texture to transparent to at the sky as a picture in the compositor as well

love this! :slight_smile: really nice atmosphere.

Excellent work! I love the feel in this image. Brooding and glowy all in one

Beautiful. Colossal and terrifying.