foreign user

where’s user named Enjay?Did you ban him already(forever)permamently?Why?What was his fangame except Jazz Jackrabbit?Do freeware,opensource(abandonware indie video games from past)fangames are illegal if they aren’t shareware in licence trademarks?

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Are you referring to [url=/u/Enjay

What’s the actual situation here?

I’m talking about his(enjay’s) jazz jackrabbit fangame pre-alpha demo download link from 2008/2009 outdated

Do you have a link to what you’re referring? And is there some kind of specific action you want taken? Your original post isn’t particularly clear on any of these points? Also, if this pertains to a thread on this forum, why did you not use the Report Post feature?

Maybe the mediafire account is inactive and the files deleted ? If you still expect to find files from such a long time ago you’re incredibly optimistic.

Why not just ask Enjay ? Send them a PM and they may/may not reply to you.

So why I ask him if he won’t respond?If I remember I sent him PM no respond.Yes this link is outdated and corrupted.

You won’t know he won’t respond until you ask.
Maybe he has changed his email or not logged into the forum or just doesn’t want to answer you. There are many reasons you may not get a response and no one is obligated to respond to any messages if they don’t want to.

The file is old and the link is broken, this is not unusual and this forum has no control of files hosted elsewhere.

Does Enjay has even some of his e-mail?