Forensic reconstruction with Blender

Hi friends!

I’m studying about forensic reconstruction. I bought a book named “Forensic Art and Illustration” that teaches how works this area.

I used the InVesalius, a free software that reconstruct computed tomography files, and converts it in 3D models.

I used the Gimp to make the textures and the operating system was the Linux Debian.

For who that knows to read in portuguese (or spanish), I wrote a little article describing the experience:

I hope you enjoy.

A big hug!

That looks like a really interesting project. Good luck with it.

Really nice Cogitas! ^^

Yup, well done and keeps us posted. :slight_smile:

looks great! can you also make a neanderthal man?

Fantastic work! real skill in modeling and texturing besides the forensic skills.

What skull are you basing this off? Where is it from?