Forest Bridge

Here is a forest bridge I finished up recently.
This was rendered in Cycles and has some post processing done in the compositor and photoshop.

EDIT: The first image is the third re-rendered image. The second is the second re-rendered image. The last one is the original image for comparison.

good scene:
-too much reflection on the bridge wood.
-the fence texture have errors.
-the front flowers is too stiff, loosen it a bit.

generally good render.

Thanks for the critic. I don’t know what happened to the fence though. I’ll have to look into that.

the foliage is great just make those front plants and grass more loose and curved

I finally got around to re-rendering the image. It turns out the fence glitch came from the fence mesh. Thanks again for the critics.

Looks good, but the planks on the bridge would be in the other direction. This way they would have to be curved and rather long. I think it’s worth to model them though, because it would give it a nice detail and randomization.

Nicely done. I have shot many photos of similar bridges. My concern is the planks that make up the bridge. In my experience (and this is just me) the planks do not run in that direction but rather a series of short planks running from side to side.

Really nice :slight_smile: Keep it up just remember when people pull out the flaws in the project its only for the good benefit for you :smiley:

Glad you guys like it! I posted another re-render on top.

I’m very glad people are pointing stuff out. Normally I wouldn’t have noticed any of these flaws by myself. The comments and critics have really helped make this render far better than it used to be.

If anyone sees anything else, feel free to comment.

the last render is very good:
-when you removed the reflections from the wood it lost a high focus point, try to add something to be the focus of the picture.

other wise lovely image.

Maybe try to add some more low roughness reflection to the fence. :slight_smile:

Got another re-render of the bridge done. I changed the fence quite a bit and added clasps to the bottom of the fence. I also played around with the color a bit, making the background trees more vibrant and the sky more distinct rather than a white blob.

Once again thanks very much for the comments! Hope all of you like the final product.

Unfortunately I cannot add anything else to the image because I ran out of memory. So, I will call this finished so I can work on other projects.