Forest Cube

Hey everybody!! Experimenting with some forestry, and also threw in a super super minimal arch piece for fun. Building a forest floor from the ground up is actually way more of a learning curve than I expected but it’s one of the most enjoyable processes once you start really getting into it. I may even pop over to a local forest IRL and break it down into layers, just any way to push that realism!! I used a mix of Graswald & Megascans for foliages. Also some trees were grown using The Grove 3D for Blender, some others I found on CGTrader! Thanks for taking a look!


I really like the forest scene, but not the cube. The cube is doing nothing good here. I’d suggest either replace the cube with some wooden or historical architecture, or none at all.

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Ur very talented. The trees in front are superb, are they the grove or cgtrader?
Would love a tutorial or something showing ur process.

How is the performance ?



Thank you!! The front trees are CgTrader! As for performance I think this rendered in 3-4 minutes at 6k, 256 samples. Viewport rendering was possible as well just had to disable a couple things

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow! Thanks Bart!!! :grinning: