Forest encounter

An artwork made for GRIMMexpo in 10 days. Some behind the scenes and
hires images can be found over at Artstation.

Zbrush for sculpting, xnormal for baking & SPainter for textures.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good, but I’d rotate the image. Now it looks a bit odd in my opinion.

It looks interesting and has plenty of potential. The mood and color good.

Right now it looks quite “off”.

I’ll make a small list of what I find a bit odd.

Wolf looks like a fox. Maybe a different color instead of orange, like dark grey.

You can’t see that the wolf is biting the girl. There is no way to figure this out unless you see it from the art station page.

The way she’s fending off the wolf looks like she’s having consensual sex with it. I thought this was a sex act until I saw your art station page.

The way she holds the wolf front leg. I can’t figure out what angle this is happening at. Looks very flat.

Her face. You’re better off using an free face model. In my opinion she looks like she got some battery acid on the face.

That dress thingy that goes from breast and over the shoulders is looking bad. You need to make it look more real. It’s floating and different thickness.

Yeah. Quite much but I hope you can fix it before the ten days are up.