Forest Fight + FREE Download link

Hi blender3D users and non users :P. but this is mainly for te users. realasing my fight animation for FREE DOWNLOAD!!. yes decided I’ll handle the Costs. Got a job so paying for renderfarms and textures and worktime is all taken care by me :P.




Hi I think you should learn a bit about camera compositions and DOP, motion blur and sorts

Good job! You seem to have a good handle on the poses. (Plus seeing Sintel backflip off the tree was pretty sweet.)

There was a little bit lacking in there, I’m afraid.
First, in the movement, Sintel seems almost weightless for the entire thing. Try to work on adding more animation principles in there, such as squash and stretch, follow through, and timing and spacing, to help with the weightless issue. (we need to see that Sintel is being pulled down by gravity when she lands on the ground, for instance.)
Secondly, this definitely could use some more polishing. One could argue that the almost stepped movement can be a problem or a style, I could care less about either, it looks decent. I’m more worried about the facial expressions, or lack thereof. Get me some more facial expressions.

Overall, you seem to have a good handle on posing and animation but you should definitely study the article and try to apply my advice to the animation. Good job!

Mmmm cheers man. Working on the revised version of that fight :). will polish it a bit more :smiley:

Thanks Edge138 for the feedback man. I’ll have a browse through the points and change as I do a revised version of the animation :slight_smile:

Edited the animation a bit

Folder Includes the used characters and animation to suite all computer speeds, works well with the latest Blender 2.77 and above cause thats the one I used when Animating so best to Update your blender for next Gen performance :P. Have Fun :smiley:

Download Here : WEBPAGE!exp/eqlv9 GOOGLE PLUS:

This is your old thread. I don’t understand why you had to start a new one for the same animation.

Also, it’s spelled “Finished”. There’s only one N.

I thought about the same thing.

:p. Add some details that can make these “Key Frames” polished better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool okay. didnt know u could but ok

Cool. but im done on that animation, not gonna render 1155 frames again :P. too long

Finnished with this project. and this was the hardest Ive ever done. hope to get something. but will see. then maybe animate some more. though i like animation. Its not fun to do it without getting anything back. :/.

Cool extremes but could use a smoother breakdown frame here and there.