Forest God Rays

I’m posting this as a WIP because I am looking for critique. I would also like to render it with more samples after I get some opinions. This has already taken me a heap of time. The render was crashing my OpenGL driver, and I actually had to change the TdrDelay in Regedit. Grr.

Anyways I wanted to do trees and God Rays, so I came up with this spiffy still… hope you all like it!

Render on my dropbox…

Thanks for giving constructive criticism!! :slight_smile:

The leaves look basic. They need textures.

The rays needs some smoothing.

The sun needs to be a little bit more yellowish.

Add some grass.

They do have textures… more samples will show them :slight_smile:
I’m going to bed so I will render again tomorrow with more samples.

It looks as if there is a point light directly over the woods and not as if there is a sun lighting the scene uniformly from above.
This might be caused by the godrays which are all coming from one point instead of running parallel down to the ground.
It might be that you mistook godrays for a lensflare which are two different pair of shoes.
I personally do also miss more luminous spots on the ground.

Trunks of trees look like they are tubes instead of actual trunks (loop cut them and add in noise) Adding on a normal map with a decent texture will help aswell
leaves are coming off main branches instead of thin branches
leaves are flat & dont have a natural fall to them
Duplicated trees all over the place, if you are going to duplicate them, atleast scale / rotate so they look different

for stuff like this the new “sunbeams” compositor node is the business!

Explain?? :smiley:

Ok I will revise the trees. :slight_smile:

Good points. Yes there is a point light in the middle. I just couldn’t get the god rays to luminate the scene the way I wanted them to without blurring out everything due to the volume…

I wondered about this. But try googling “sunlight rays” in google andf checkout the image results. It seems that in real situations the rays do sometimes appear to come from a single source. That would of course be the case if the sun is occluded in some way but shining through a gap in clouds, or shining through a gap in the trees etc.

Yes, I think Bunc is right. I was working with a photo for a reference with the god rays.

Oh wow, you guys are right, I was wrong! Sorry for the ill advice! :confused:

It’s alright haha

I’m sure there’s a figure that wants to come out of that mist… or an animal, or a stone idol?

Awesome idea! I’ll get right on it

Actually you are completely right. The sun rays are parallel, or at least very, very, very close to fully parallel, if not Eratosthenes would not have been able to calculate the circumference of the earth with remarkable accuracy already 240 BC.

The reason we perceive the sun rays through clouds, trees and what as not parallel is due to perspective. In that sense yes the rays do not appear parallel, although they are.

In the end, beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder and whether you achieve perceived accuracy through a spotlight or camera manipulation matters little.

By the way brandx96, image looks great…

Love it love it love it!

Thanks for the compliment!! :slight_smile: