Forest House

A house in the forest? Cliché I know, but it’s all just practice, a bit of fun, and I’m learning TONS of new things along the way! Comments and feedback are welcome :slight_smile:

Final render + post processing

Ambient occlusion pass

This is amazing!
How’d you make the bushes?

Also, how did you make the wavy pattern of the water? And the soil is a texture with a bump map? Also, what about the rocks? Did you model one and created a vertex group? Or…?

Needless to say, an awesome image!

Great image!!
Fantastic nature you’ve done there. I have only problem with the background, it looks like the doors takes you to nowhere. So I would make a small house behind or something like that.

The bushes are extremely realistic, congratulations.
Although the house may need some more details.

Great job! love the nature and the ligntning!

Thank you all for the replies, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

The bushes were made using a particle system. I modeled a few branches with variations, grouped them, then created a very basic stem core for the particle system to be applied to. Gleb Alexandrov has a great tutorial about this. I spent a lot of time getting the shaders to look half decent though. The same technique was used for the trees.

The wavy pattern of the water is just a mix of some simple displacement modifiers and a normal map. The soil is actually bark chippings, which are a mixture of a particle system (you can see how much in the AO pass) and an underlying texture map. The rocks, again, are a particle system. I modeled 16 variants and grouped them, using a weight painted vertex group to control their placement.

Thanks again everyone, glad you like it!