Forest of Color

This was for the Weekly CG Competition. A higher resolution image and some other shots are on my project page. Also this is my only project on my artstation, for now. I will be adding more soon!

I did edit the picture further after the competition, so this isn’t my final submission to the competition. I do have the submission version on the project page if you guys are interested. There were some tweaks that were suggested I had to fix.

I hope you guys like it! Also, please send me a like on artstation if you did liked it :). I am also open to any suggestions and critiques.

Edit: updated the art.


The image is great but there´s no story here, I mean, the picture says nothing

Yea, I shouldn’t have probably put storytelling in the artstation tags. It is a little confusing. Though I feel separation between the tree and the girl.

great texture mapping you got there on the foreground tree

I really like the character. Reminds me of tim burton. The only thing I can recommend is tho play the the color scheme and softness of the image. I did a quick photoshop of what I mean.

That is really awesome, wish you get a good result on the weekly challenge.:smiley:

@matjo15 Thank you

@bigbad Thank you. I tried working with the image a little. Still didn’t want to go all red but I did do what you suggested. Gave some more red to the trees and grass. Also I did soften the image a little. I was having troubles with the site not loading correctly. I would have posted to the site a bit sooner.

@foxrender Oh, The contest was already over but thank you though :).