Forest Of Colors

Hello Guys… ITS BEEN A LONG LONG WHILE SINCE IVE SHARED SOMETHING…These days I was Studying Nature and forest… So Ive created some scenes related to it… Hope u like it :smiley:

the Goal was to represent different shades of Forests with experimental lighting

Textures :- Poliigon + Megascans + Photoscans :wink:

C&C Welcome

Have A NICE DAY :smiley:

Artstation :-


Some more Images (I dont know Why they are sharp)

Nice texturing. And Nice trees. All is very good. It reminds me the Black Desert online - very nice and atmospheric

Thanks i m glad u like it :smiley:

branches growing from the trees are connected really nicely to the trunk. I like that!
I honestly hate seeing render shots where branches are just ‘put’ on the trunk.

Great looking forest!